Blackjack Card Counting Techniques for All

Blackjack Card Counting TechniquesThough Blackjack Card Counting Techniques are legal, all the casinos, mainly because they are private property, have the right to ban players that were found or suspected in card counting. That is why the main problem for the card counters besides learning the skill to count cards fast and flawlessly, is not to be noticed or detected. Being nervous, betting too much when the count favors the player, sweating, all these factors may show that the player is counting cards. While the casino’s purpose also remains clear - to detect all the card counters before they win too much.

To prevent card counters from using the blackjack card counting techniques all the casinos use multiple protection systems. First of all, pit bosses and the casino-surveillance personnel with the help of video surveillance systems and computer analysis detect behavior that might be typical for the card counters. Moreover, there are special detective agencies that claim to have special databases with photos of people known as card counters. When found counting cards, the player will be asked to leave the premises of the casino and never come back regardless of his play. Or, in other case, the pit boss may ask the player to play any other game than blackjack or even will simply distract his\her attention by asking some questions.

The computer system analyses the player bets, play accuracy and play variation. When player counts cards he knows when to bet more (bet variation), when to stand and when to fold (play variation) and when to use and when not to use the basic strategy and gain an extra edge (play accuracy). All these factors when noticed with high accuracy might signify that the player is counting cards.

Furthermore, the casinos also put in use the automatic card shufflers that will shuffle the deck whenever the odds favour the player. There are even such machines called the Continuously shuffling machine (CMS) that allow the dealer to return the played cards after each round to the shoe, and thus reduce the advantage the card counters may get. This not only decreases, but absolutely removes the card counting advantage.

Online Blackjack techniques card counting are legal when used without any electronic devices. There are even such devices that scan the table zone and check the presence of any of the electronic card counting blackjack techniques. Most of the states have even adopted a law for putting behind bars people that were found cheating with the help of any electronic device. However, luckily for some players, some states’ jurisdictions limit the possible casino actions against “skilled players”.