Blackjack hands played wrong

There are a number of different standing hands that a player could be dealt with in blackjack, however, some common mistakes occur with certain combinations at the start of the game. You can find more info on this at Unibet.

One of the biggest errors that is made, usually by beginners, is with A-6. This soft 17 total gives you the freedom to carry on in the game because of the dual value of the Ace. However, a lot of people choose to stand on this hand because they believe it is the right thing to do with 17. On any hard total, this would certainly be the case, regardless of what the dealer has, but with A-6 you should hit because you can build again if you bust your score.

You should also do the same with A-7 (soft 18), if the dealer has an Ace or face card in their hand. The reason you take the extra risk and hope for a bit of luck is because the dealer is in a good position with their upcard. With this in mind, it may require a higher total than 18 to win the pot on this occasion so carrying on is often the best thing to do.

Another hand that is commonly misplayed is 10-10. A pair of 10s should never be slit under any circumstances because together they give you a total of 20. This would be enough to win most hands and give you a strong chance of taking the pot. By splitting these two cards, you run the risk of having a bad run of luck when Unibet betting and you may end up not only losing your initial starting stake, but the extra cost it took you to split your cards.