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Antonio Esfandiari

Find out everything about the opponent read in pokerAntonio has also starred in several TV-shows, amongst other Poker After Dark. But yet he hasn’t won a title on the European Poker Tour but I’m pretty sure he will soon. He actually tried at PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2016, but was disqualified from Main Event after a prop bet which med him urinate in a bottle. Was it worth it? Well, if you have more than $26 million in winnings I guess it doesn’t matter…

World Series of Poker

p_41247_1_gallerybigI would really love to go to Las Vegas this summer! A while ago the schedule for World Series of Poker 2016 was released and this year the tournament series will include even more poker events! The tournament will take place at Rio All-Suit Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas as usual between 31st of May and 18th of July. The final table in Main Event will be played in October/November and what joy it must to be one of the nine that will take their seats…. This year I’ve read that Main Event will have more starting chips than before. All $10 000 events will have 50 000 in starting chips.

Online Blackjack Newcomers

Online Blackjack NewcomersWith the recent addition of many online blackjack games on the net today, many local casinos have started to build their own online site that offer players the opportunity to play blackjack for free online. New players just need to take 3 easy steps to begin to experience playing blackjack online for free.
The first step is to search for a online blackjack website that offers the needs that you want and that you want to sign up for. After you find the online blackjack website that fits your needs and seems like your kind of game, next is to sign up for an account.

Pennsylvania Blackjack Players May Lose Edge

Pennsylvania Blackjack Players May Lose EdgeIf you are a true black jack player in Pennsylvania, then you already know that this state is known for its black jack players having a better shot at winning do to the fact that Pennsylvania black jack carried a lower house edge than games in other jurisdictions. Well this may soon change. The commission for this state is reviewing a proposal to making Pennsylvania black jack rules permanent, but they want to know more about the house edge. Black jack can be played under a variety of rules. Some of these rules are good for the house while others are good for the players.

BJ Basic Strategy for online game variations

There are only a handful of companies who make online casino software. If you play at an online casino, chances are it’s using about one of ten popular software brands. Usually this software offers the same blackjack rules from one casino to the next. So, for example, once you learn the strategy for blackjack at one Microgaming casino, you know the strategy for all Microgaming casinos.

Software providers sometimes change their rules. For example, a few years ago Unified Gaming offered a set of blackjack rules so generous that the player actually had a small advantage over the casino when using basic blackjack strategy. How could they afford to do this? Well, they couldn’t. Eventually they got wise and started using standard rules.