BJ Basic Strategy for online game variations

There are only a handful of companies who make online casino software. If you play at an online casino, chances are it’s using about one of ten popular software brands. Usually this software offers the same blackjack rules from one casino to the next. So, for example, once you learn the strategy for blackjack at one Microgaming casino, you know the strategy for all Microgaming casinos.

Software providers sometimes change their rules. For example, a few years ago Unified Gaming offered a set of blackjack rules so generous that the player actually had a small advantage over the casino when using basic blackjack strategy. How could they afford to do this? Well, they couldn’t. Eventually they got wise and started using standard rules. The moral is, don’t assume that rule conditions always stay the same. The best source for current information about the blackjack rules from the software providers is the Wizard of Odds. Here the current rules for four popular software brands at the time this article was written: