New Casino Internet Games

Sports Betting at CasinosMost top online casinos and internet poker rooms also provide for the possibility to play live games via satellite, usually as a part of a tournament. These casino internet games often carry grand prizes that include entry to one of the major land-based poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour or the Extreme Poker Challenge.

New casino internet games are coming onto the scene all the time and poker has not been left out. Let it Ride is a relatively new game that came on to the scene in the 1990’s, that has exploded in popularity and can be found in most good land-based and internet casinos. Let it Ride is one of the rare casino internet games that allows players to ‘take back’ bets after they have seen their hand, or to ‘let it ride’ when the hand is good.

Another of the new casino internet games to recently hit the scene is four card poker, and its variation, three card poker. Four Card is a new game invented by Shuffle Master in which each player is dealt five cards from which they must make the best four card hand, with four-of-a-kind being the most valuable hand.