Increase Your Odds of Beating Casinos at Their Own Game

Increase Your Odds of Beating CasinosIn the last 30 or so years, the popularity of Blackjack has grown tremendously. The reason for this increased interest is due to the fact that Blackjack is one of the few casino games that can be beat by someone using expert play and basic strategy. Casinos still continue to profit because most players do not have the patience to learn and practice blackjack basic strategy.

Knowing that there is a blackjack basic strategy is the first step. My first few years were played with the acceptance that casinos always win -- and, of course, I know better than that now. Having stumbled over Blackjack basic strategy by accident, I can imagine how many players go into a Blackjack game without the knowledge of basic strategy to improve their odds.

The very first step in becoming a better Blackjack player is to know that you need to have a very high level of discipline. It has been mathematically proven that when you follow certain strategies when to hit, stand, surrender or double down, it is possible to win at Blackjack — consistently. To help you learn basic strategy, check out the section where you can find the blackjack basic strategy tables to practice with.

But, it isn't all about blackjack basic strategy. Part of developing a successful overall winning strategy is to also learn about money management. If you can't properly manage your bets, you won't have any money to bet with. Casinos know most players can't manage their money very well.

It is also wise to practice your strategies. I've included on the site a link to the best blackjack software program generally agreed on to be the best available so that you can practice and drill your play. Practice makes perfect so make use of this excellent software.

Of course, no site would be complete without a section devoted to the casinos where you can practice your new skills. I've carefully scrutinized many different online casinos and chose the best casinos to play. The casinos I've selected are rated the best from the standpoint of integrity and customer service. I play at them, they've been around a long time, and their systems are fair and honest.

To become a successful Blackjack player, you should start building a library of books and videos. Anything worth learning is worth learning the right way, and I've selected some of the best books to read about Blackjack, and one of the best videos ever made about Blackjack.